The Call Center School Tennessee USA is where 20 years of Call Center experience comes together to enrich the world of customer service and now extends its power through ICASL School to serve the Indian Environment
or a global career in Call Centers Business Process outsource(BPO) Knowledge ProcessOutsource(KPO)
Your very own Voice and Accent Trainer
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One Hour Coaching
All Saturdays in June 2007
11.00 A.M.
StepRite Spoken English

L e a r n S p e a k E a r n .........with St e p Rite Spoken English
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StepRite for Global Career...

ICASL Objective
The Integrated Center for Applied Sciences (ICASL) is a Finishing School targeting freshers wanting to join Call Centers, BPO/KPO/Retail Malls Segment. ICASL School recognizes that Good English and Good Communication Skills are pre-requisites for jobs & careers both within and outside the country. ICASL focus is on VIP (Voice Improvement Program) to bring jobs within reach of hundreds of students. In addition ICASL's propreitary training program - StepRite Spoken English has received wide acce

We provide vocational training for 10 + 2 freshers for the Retail Mall segment. We provide American Voice and Accent Program, both short term and long term.  We design and deliver Effective Communications Skills Program.  We offer foundation level program in StepRite Spoken English for Jobs and Interviews.

Plans are in advanced stage to offer One-Stop Facility for Corporates wanting to have their own  Offshore Captive Operations in India.  ICASL will Build, Lease and Train staff to the Customer in both LPO & BPO.

American Spoken English
The Development team's Bull's - eye Model of Course Content

Step Rite ® Global Training Program
Call Center Training

• Simulation based Voice & Accent Training
• Communication & Listening Skills
• Call Center Fundamentals
• Telephone Etiquette & Call Abuse Management
• Sense Tense & Softskills
• Nasscom Assessment of Competence Program (NAC Test)

Web Seminars Supervisory Track Training
• Direct Feed from The Call Center School Tennessee USA
• Webcast by The Call Center School Founders
• Sign up for Web Seminars at ICASL Training Facility
• CIAC Certification Partnership
• For dates visit
Art of Effective Communication
Graduates, IT Professionals, Businessman & Retail Marketing Associates
• Communication Skills
• American Culture Practices
• Voice & Personality Projection
• Winning Words & Taking Control
• Basic Negotiation Skills, Quantitive, Analytical, Logical Skills
• Better Email Practices

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