The Call Center School Tennessee USA is where 20 years of Call Center experience comes together to enrich the world of customer service and now extends its power through ICASL School to serve the Indian Environment
or a global career in Call Centers Business Process outsource(BPO) Knowledge ProcessOutsource(KPO)
Your very own Voice and Accent Trainer
Quality Global Training Global Technical Alliance US Trained Master Facilitators
One Hour Coaching
All Saturdays in August 2007
11.00 A.M.
St e p Rite Spoken English

L e a r n S p e a k E a r n .........with St e p Rite Spoken English
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The Call Center School (TCCS) is a Tennessee-based company dedicated to improving skills of call center agents and Customer Care  professionals.  Proven training Methodology and benefits of research over 15 years are now available in small capsuled training programs at  ICASL's International Training Facility in India.

StepRite for Global Career...

Rapidly improves pronunciation skills in English:
Builds pronunciation skills
Builds listening comprehension
This program is the ultimate private English language assistant!

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About Us Partners What We Do Trg Programs Faq's Contacts