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All Saturdays in June 2007
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StepRite Spoken English

L e a r n S p e a k E a r n .........with St e p Rite Spoken English
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Focused Talent Aquisition

Special Offer for SoftSkills Training for IT & Software Professionals

Today major software contracts are won more often with Communication skills and projects get executed with programming skills. More interaction with Clients Vendors and Project Staff makes the requirement of both attributes in one person a must-have situation. The question to be asked is “ Are you ready to invest in upgrading Voice Image of your software team. Or  will you be waiting for your competition to do it for you

ICASL School an Indo American Business Partnership has custom designed a program called StepRite TM Art of Effective Communication for the talented Software Professionals. We teach them to improve their Voice Image as well as understand American Accent to help their “listening skills”. We teach them on a Language Simulator the ways of speaking like Americans using US Business Idioms. We take them through a scenario of Cultural Barriers and Conventions & Usage practices. Intonation/Pitch & Inflection control makes for successful conversation.

Special Promotional offer for MNC Retail Mall Owners and Retail Chains

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A StepRite   for  recruiting Graduates, Undergraduates and 10 + 2's

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